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Brake Team Longview- Brake pads $88

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Brake Team Longveiw WA

New Shop location in Longview Washington Brake pads installed on your car or small truck for $88, Brake Team’s inspection is free to determine if you need brake pads. Our ASE Certified Mechanic, Josh Garcia is able to repair your car how you want it done. Braketeam has premium brake pads, we have also the best price break for calipers, rotors, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, brake shoes, abs brake sensors in comparison to Les Schwab, Midas, Firestone and other auto shops . There is a Brake Team on the corner of 15th ave and Fir street in longview washington. Brake Team serves the Kelso area and serve Castle Rock and Kalama. we specialize in Brakes. We replace brake pads or shoes on any car for $88, that is the best brake price in town! . "our brake specialty teams have done over 550,00 brake jobs !" Patrick Walby brake founder of Brake Team. Call us at 360-328-1000
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